In this episode of Back to the Stone Age – a Podcast for men

Big John and Phil X provide important advice for young men about to undergo the most basic rite of manly passage: the happy ending massage, aka the “Yankee Crankee”.

Don’t allow our young men to be shamed by yammering yentas into avoiding happy ending massages! The result is more “men” who would rather be in touch with their feelings, instead of embracing their true masculine nature and spreading some consensual seed.

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Need and example of a man who failed in following the masculine teachings of Big John and Phil X in this episode? Look no further than what’s happened to this dude.

Banned by Amazon Prime Video (likely by some overly-sensitive woman or menstruating “man”) for daring to pass manly wisdom to the next generation of owners of the coveted XY chromosome pair, it is more critical than ever for men to safeguard and propagate toxic masculinity to a world in desperate need of it.