Back to the Stone Age – Podcast for Men: The BANNED Episodes!

Banned by Amazon Prime Video (likely by some overly-sensitive woman) for daring to pass manly wisdom to the next generation of owners of the coveted XY chromosome pair. It is more critical than ever for men to safeguard and propagate toxic masculinity to a world in desperate need of it!

Follow the examples of Big John and Phil X  as they combat the forces of evil (aka feminism)! Join the battle to roll back the tide of vaginal thinking that is destroying our once-great society. Watch the BANNED episodes of Back to the Stone Age – A Podcast for Men and spread the masculine Word.


Back to the Stone Age - A Podcast for Men

Episode 01: ETIQUETTE FOR MEN (Happy Ending Massage)

Big John and Phil X provide important advice for young men about to undergo the most basic rite of manly passage.

EPISODE 002: Things Real Men Never Do

Big John and Phil X delve into behaviors which should be considered “manly”– and therefore the behaviors most beneficial to society.